So much of our sense of self, calm, happiness, and fulfillment is connected to our relationships. The quality of our relationships is an important contributor to the quality of our lives, and struggles in relationships can affect all parts of our lives.

Peaceful Path Counseling can help you uncover and alleviate the challenges that present for you, while working with you to build healthier and happier relationships.

Therapy allows for you to explore and process through various relational challenges, including with:

+romantic partners



+coworkers and professional relationships

And helps with issues such as:

+boundary-setting and assertiveness

+frequent arguments

+building trust and positive, productive ways of communicating

+healing from painful experiences

+finding, forming, and maintaining positive relationships in general

+recognizing red flags and building healthier connections

Therapy can help you figure out and understand what you feel and where you stand, what you want and need, work through issues, and build more fulfilling, peaceful relationships.

As a therapist, I am trained in various attachment-related modalities and systems approaches, having a deep understanding of the dynamics at play in relationships and how to rebuild healthy attachments and closeness.

*I only offer individual therapy for those struggling in relationships at this time.