Self-Awareness, Growth, and Happiness Therapy

There is a misconception that something has to be terribly "wrong" to benefit from therapy.

This is certainly not the case.

I believe that therapy can benefit anyone and is for everyone.

And I approach my work in this way, truly believing in the power of a safe space with a compassionate and skillful listener.

I believe that this space allows you to really build a sense of inner understanding and self-awareness, really know yourself and who you are, find out what you want and what will really make you happy, and decide how you want to get there.

To experience and develop this growth, insight, and strong sense of self is empowering, calming, and the basis of having real fulfillment and happiness in life.

If you find yourself just wanting to, well, find yourself, figure out what will make you happy, and find ways to more fully experience and engage in life, therapy can absolutely be for you.

Reach out to me today--I'd be happy to help you determine if and how working together could get you to where you want to be.