Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do you provide? 

I provide online therapy services for adults in NJ.

Where are you located?

I am only offering virtual therapy sessions at this time.

How does virtual therapy work? 

All sessions will be done online via the video conferencing platform Google Meet. Google Meet is super easy to use and provides a secure platform for comfortable sessions. Each week, you receive a link that you just click on to join the session. That’s it!

Is online therapy as helpful as in-person? 

Absolutely! In fact, many people prefer meeting online, as it still offers personal connection but can be done in your own home, in a way that you feel comfortable, secure, and more at ease. Plus, it makes therapy super easy to fit into your schedule—no need to build in extra time for driving, waiting and checking in, making arrangements for other obligations in your life so that you can leave to go to therapy, etc. And it can be done from anywhere in NJ!

How long are sessions and how often will we meet? 

Sessions are 45 minutes in length and are typically once/week, or on a custom schedule that works best for you, depending on your needs. Therapy can continue for as long as it feels helpful—some people come in to address a few specific goals and only need to come short-term. Some people find therapy to be helpful on an ongoing basis. Therapy will always be designed in a way that is personalized to you and your needs!

What are you specialties? 

While I work with adults in all different phases of life to address various mental health concerns, I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and life stressors for adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Early adulthood is filled with self-discovery and many changes and transitions, both internally and all around you. I specialize in helping people in this stage of life manage anxiety and overwhelm, cope with challenges and stressors, improve self-esteem and self-awareness, strengthen things like relationships, personal boundaries, and work/life balance, and find a more comfortable, calmer, happier way in life.

More specifically, I focus heavily in Women's Mental Health, helping women navigate various challenges that can present in life. You can learn more about my work in Women's Health here.


I am trained as a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional, and specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders and symptoms, including generalized anxiety, panic, OCD, social anxiety, and frequent fear and worrying. You can learn more about me here


I also have significant training and experience in attachment and relationship challenges, trauma, mood regulation, and mindfulness and relaxation, which I use to help support the treatment of those struggling with stress and anxiety.

Learn more about areas of focus here

How do I know if therapy is right for me?

It can be tough to take the step to get help. It is so normal to feel apprehensive and unsure. Most people feel a little uncomfortable when starting up! However, they typically find that once they get started, they feel much more at ease and are glad they took the leap! Therapy may be helpful for you if:

+ You are feeling stuck

+ You are feeling like some things in life just aren’t working for you right now

+ You try different things to help yourself, but you never quite seem to get out of the struggle you are in

+ You have periods where you feel a little bit better temporarily, but then the struggle starts back up again

+ You have been trying to manage things for a while on your own but you’re still struggling

+ People around you are noticing you’re having a hard time

+ Day to day tasks are sometimes hard. Maybe work brings on a lot dread and stress, or going out with friends is a challenge. Maybe it’s been hard to get good, consistent sleep, or to be totally present even during times that should be enjoyable

+ You are currently going through or have recently gone through a life challenge, change, or transition that can be hard to process or manage

+ You've experienced challenges in your past that are affecting parts of your life now, or that you're ready to start addressing

+ You haven’t tried therapy before

+ You have tried therapy before but didn’t feel like it was the right fit

+ You are ready to feel better and move through life in an easier way

Do you accept insurance? 

Like most speciality providers, I do not participate in any insurance plans. Thus, I do not accept insurance and am all out-of-pocket self-pay at this time. 

Can I use my out-of-network benefits? 

Surprisingly, many people have out-of-network benefits through their insurance that can reimburse for a good portion of therapy costs. Check with your insurance company to learn about out-of-network benefits (see the next question below for more info!) 

Should you choose to use your out-of-network benefits, you will be still be responsible for paying all session fees in full at the time of session. I can provide a monthly superbill to you upon request and if you choose to, you can submit this superbill to your insurance company for possible reimbursement through your out-of-network benefits. 

*I cannot communicate directly with insurance companies, nor can I guarantee reimbursement even with out-of-network benefits.

How do I know if I have out-of-network benefits, and how do I use them?

The process is usually pretty straight-forward, and easier than it seems!

To learn about your possible out-of-network benefit, contact your insurance company. You can call the number on the back of your insurance card, for member services.

If you do have benefits, most insurance companies will just have you upload your monthly superbill from us, and then they will mail you a check with your reimbursement.

You can ask your insurance company the following questions to learn about use of out-of-network benefits:

What are your rates? 

Initial 15-minute consultation phone call: Free

45-minute therapy session: $160/session

What are some of the benefits of paying out-of-pocket for therapy? 

Paying out-of-pocket allows for the decisions about what’s best for you and your mental health to be determined completely between you and your therapist, not an insurance company. You will not be limited to a certain amount of sessions and will not need to have a certain diagnosis in order to have treatment covered. Your personal information, including your mental health diagnosis, treatment, progress, needs, etc., is all kept totally confidential. Plus, there will never be surprise payments, waiting to find out if something will be covered or finding out that services are suddenly not being covered, being denied coverage, worrying about unmet deductibles, and payments will be always predictable and easy to plan for.

Additionally, not working with insurance allows for me to maintain a smaller caseload, thus allowing for me to be flexible with your availability and accommodate your schedule. One of the challenges people sometimes face in seeking therapy can be long waits for appointments, limited time slots open, infrequent availability, or having to adjust your schedule to fit an appointment time. Because I can maintain a smaller caseload and do not take on too many clients, I am able to work with your schedule, offer quick availability without a waitlist, and have the flexibility to fully meet you where you're at.

How do I get more info, or get started? 

Whether you’re still on the fence and want more info, or you’re ready to get started, you can reach out to me directly at 201-228-0324, email me at, or use the contact form on my contact page. I always conduct a FREE 15-minute consultation phone call where I’d be happy to answer any more questions, and where I can also learn more about your needs to discuss moving forward with working together if you’re interested.