Take back your life from stress & anxiety

Peaceful Path Counseling provides therapy to help you manage anxiety and stress, overcome challenges, and live a full, vibrant life.  

We specialize in anxiety and women's mental health, as well as stress and life challenges, and improved relationships with self and others

Services are provided virtually so you can receive them from the comfort of your home, and from anywhere in NJ. 

Anxiety Therapy

Learn to take your life back from anxiety, which sometimes presents as overthinking, frequent worrying that's hard to control, feeling nervous and on edge, intrusive thoughts, and fear that bad things are going to happen. 

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Life Stressors and Transitions Therapy

Find support for navigating change and difficult periods of life, heal from painful experiences, and cope with stress and overwhelm, including at work, in relationships, in your family, or on your own personal path.  

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Self-Esteem and Confidence Therapy

Discover the core issues that impact your sense of self, and foster a long-lasting shift in confidence, self-appreciation, and self-care.

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Therapy for Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

Build a deeper understanding of who you are, what isn't working for you and why, what makes you happy, and how to get there. 

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Therapy for Better Relationships

Unpack the challenges you are experiencing in relationships, whether that be in managing issues in current relationships, developing more fulfilling and healthy new relationships, learning to set boundaries and have your needs met, or understanding yourself and those around you better. 

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lauren spinella, lpc

Welcome! I'm Lauren, the owner and therapist here at Peaceful Path Counseling. I look forward to meeting you! Learn more about me here. 

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