Significant Life Events, Challenges, and Stressors

Certain life events and changes can add challenges or bring up feelings we may have not experienced before. We can often find ourselves feeling  overwhelmed and stressed out  because of different things going on in our lives. In times like this, having some support can make a huge difference in terms of helping us  understand, navigate, and manage  what is happening. 

These events can include, but are certainly not limited to: 

+ Changes in relationships, like breakups or beginning a new relationship, getting engaged, or getting married

+ Losses, and the grief and emotional experience that follows, including death of loved ones or loss of significant relationship

+ Traumatic/painful life experience

+ Moving, including going to college 

+ Entering Parenthood, or changes in family dynamics e.g. child going to college, a relative moving in, etc. 

+ Starting a new job, or finding work/life balance

+ Feeling overwhelmed or stressed overall 

+ Challenges related to pregnancy, postpartum, or fertility. Learn more about our Women's Mental Health focus here.

Stress can affect each of us differently. Commonly when stressed, we may find we are more irritable, exhausted, sleeping less restfully, having brain fog and trouble focusing, and feeling overall unhappy, "blah," or spent

Can you relate? 

In working together, I can help support you through the challenges you're experiencing. You will have a space where you can be fully heard, process and make sense of your own thoughts and feelings, problem-solve real, effective solutions, and learn ways to alleviate stress and overwhelm to cope more efficiently.